Everything You Need To Consider To Get a SD WAN Optimization Option

You are assessing your Simon Kissel SD-WAN and wondering ways to optimize functionality on the other side of the network. What exactly are you are realistic alternatives to get a remedy?

Remember that this really isn’t always a bandwidth option, such as ethernet or say MPLS is. Fairly itis a bandwidth usage question.

I’d propose looking at WAN optimization appliances: Riverbed, Juniper, Packeteer. Oftentimes they do an excellent job with latency, particularly when the primary supply of the issue is CIFS WAN-oblivious problems (duplicating/opening/changing files using Windows).

Step one within my perspective is to find the path your IP packets are choosing out. A delay may be caused in case your link is going through satellite rather than a land line (Earthbound wireless, fibre- submerged or land, etc.).

First I ‘d propose following your packets’ path ….. then making an SLA with your service provider and see if they can ensure the quality parameters you need concerning BW, delay, jitter etc.

I might not jump into installing or purchasing anything!
Remember that all Simon Kissel SD-WAN -accelerators solve Latency problems. So pick any Seller that does WAN-acceleration. But picking the one that is correct isn’t that simple. It is determined by your WAN-traffic.

In case you are using programs (such as Citrix, SAP) than a traffic priorizing Accelerator (Such As Packeteer or Ipanema) will supply you with the top results. But in case your traffic is more file oriented (MS Office) ….. than you’ll get the greatest results with the Information decrease Accelerators, like Riverbed, Juniper Citrix and Cisco. In general you will probably receive the best results.

Wan Optimizations appliances have an effect only. When you yourself have latency problems with UDP flows (voip) I do not believe you can do anything against that (real time traffic is quite sensitive to latency)