The Impact of Hip Hop Beats

Listening to a lots of hip hop beats is said to affect conduct or the individual’s sexual outlook. Most rap songs focuses on sexual behaviours, making them readily accessible for the younger generation now. According to a study conducted by Sid Kirchheimer, the messages indicated by rap songs are based in the typical African American young women’s sexual dreams with their men. Kirchheimer included that especially the youth, the white suburban classes, can readily reach songs and rap music videos through MTV and Vh1.
Most Hiphop beats give its listeners an understanding of violence and crime. Some studies show that music videos and most rap songs are essentially created to promote violence. Other studies also highlighted the effect of violence in rap music among people particularly teens. Most of the rap songs that encourages criminal actions and violence are best exemplified in the songs of the late 2pac Shakkur and Eminem. Nevertheless, it’s really up to the listener if the particular rap song he listens takes a message that is disturbing.

Rap music can be said to prop the action of “Scapegoating”. Kirchheimer declared in his 2003 study for deviating family values that Hiphop music is generally attributed. Based from a research conducted by the Parents Music Resource Center (PMRC) in 1985, the musicians are attributed for their use of “foul” lyrics that are deemed offensive in family values. The PMRC condemned for encouraging masturbation, orgy and violence in many of his songs 80’s rap music artist Judas Priest.
Hip-hop music creates an impact in valuing censorship. Since this will give people, particularly the youth, the conscientiousness of how to interpret the message of the music suitably prioritizing censorship issues in rap music is essential. Psy net worth artists and music producers consented to the idea of putting a “Parental Advisory” symbol in their records. The symbol serves as a reminder for listeners to seek the discretion of a parent or adult upon playing with them.

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