Vital information about Bonner Springs amphitheater

Formerly, bonner springs amphitheater was known by another name in Kansas City. It was renamed in the year 2016, on 2nd of February. Originally it was named as sandstone amphitheater, when it was inaugurated in the year 1984. For about two decades, this very popular outdoor amphitheater was recognized as a haven for music lovers worldwide and also in Bonner springs vicinity. This amphitheater boasts around 18000 seat capacity. Among them, 3100 seats are found to be box seats and reserved seats. In the year 2016 the name was changed after the naming rights was sold to another entertainment company. Lot of renovations has been made in order to provide best experience to the people who attend the concert.

About providence medical center amphitheater
The providence medical center amphitheater can be located at Bonner springs, Kansas. It is found to be situated near the legends shopping mall and Kansas speedway. This amphitheatre is recognizedas the very famous summer outdoor venues for concert in KansasCity. According to the information found on the website there are some amazing innovations made in order to make it very much easy for audiences to enjoy the music to the best level. The closest to the stage, reserved seats were removed in order to make it very much easy and upfront for people with general admission area. This would give the fans to enjoy the music to a much higher level.

Changes with cricket wireless amphitheatre
The name from sandstone amphitheatre was changed into Cricket Wireless Amphitheater when the naming rights were purchased by cricket Entertainment Company. Currently according to the records, the complete ownership of this amazing amphitheater in Bonner springs is of Wyandotte county and KansasCity government. There is plenty of provisions provided why the amphitheatre service provider to support eco friendliness among people as well.