Why architects should develop client relationships

Just like any other business, commercial architects perth or architectural firms are required to build a professional relationship with clients. Building a professional client relationship in the architectural industry is important and also key aspect since referrals as well as repeat business are two major components of how architectural firms grow and thrive in this industry. One of the ways of managing the brand of an architectural firm is by being disciplined and selective when it comes to choosing prospective clients. It can be counterproductive for any firm to stretch outside of its core area of professionalism and expertise to get new clients. This is only if the strategy only leads to a project that is less ideal thereby dissatisfying the client.

Most commercial architects perth are within their professional mandate to bid for design projects that may have very low profit margins as expected. Although such projects may affect the profitability of an architect and can subsequently limit the ability of the architect to make the necessary investments in architectural technology and talent, it is important that professionalism should play a key role in the bidding. It is very important that even though an architect may be building a professional relationship with a client, the architect should not be dependent on a small client base.
Developing client relationships does not mean that a specific client or a group of clients should only account for a large share of the architect’s revenues. What is needed is for the commercial architects perth to diversify the number of their clients and to note where these clients are located and how they can help in enhancing repeated business. Also, the architect should find out the types of industries the clients are in and how these industries help in developing architectural experience of the firm or how the firm will acquire new talent to help it in its architectural development.