Why should you have the Oracle Fusion Project Portfolio Management?

There are a number of reasons for having this cloud integration into your project. But before understanding the benefits of oracle fusion project portfolio management, you should definitely understand the project management phases. If you have the perfect knowledge of the project management, you would definitely choose this solution for your project. In this article, you would get the idea about how this cloud is a better approach to the project management rather than the old solutions.

Project management phases
There are mainly 5 phases involved in the process of project management. They are
1. Analysing the requirement- It is always advised to check the impact of the new requirement on the older code.
2. Evaluating the effort and cost- After the analysis next, comes the evaluation of the development cost.
3. Design the solution- Once you have decided the cost and gotten the approval of the time, design of solution must take place within stipulated time.
4. Develop the Solution- After designing the solution next is the development of that solution.
5. Delivering to the client- After development, the product or CR is delivered to the client.

After integration with the project, Oracle Fusion Project Portfolio Management automates the whole process.

Benefits of Oracle Fusion Project Portfolio Management
As you have seen so far, Oracle cloud is the most famous invention of Oracle Corp. It comes with many benefits. Some of them are listed below.
1. Encourage the automation.
2. Easy administration for complex projects.
3. Team member and end client could work in a collaborative way using this cloud.
4. Optimisation in utilising the resource- Oracle Fusion Project Portfolio Management is a perfectly cloud-based approach; hence there is lesser no of skilled professionals required to manage the documentary evidence of the project management process.